Why biltong is a healthier option than other snacks

July 11, 2022

why biltong is a healthy snack options

Are you looking for a healthy snack to take on summer hikes, road trips or a day at the beach? Something that will not only give you energy but is healthy, delicious AND packed with protein?

Biltong (pronounced bil-tawng) is a form of air-dried, cured meat. The name is from the Dutch “bil,” meaning rump, and “tong,” meaning strip or tongue. You might be thinking this sounds a lot like jerky. Traditional jerky (like the kind you find at the grocery store) originates from North and South America, but biltong is a South African delicacy. And the differences are not just geo-based.

The difference between biltong and jerky

While both are dried meats, have a long shelf life and are highly sought after, that’s about where the similarities end.

Jerky comes in a range of flavors that require sauces and flavoring. Those additives often contain high levels of sugar, salt, soy and wheat.

But biltong is different. For example, our Original Biltong Slices 2-ounce bag contains 32 grams protein, 0 grams sugar and 0 grams carbohydrates. We keep our product simple with only 7 ingredients: beef, salt, vinegar, roasted coriander, pepper, rosemary and dried beef powder.

In comparison, Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky 1-ounce bag contains 10 grams protein, 6 grams sugar and 6 grams carbohydrates.

Jack Link’s ingredients? Beef, water, sugar, brown sugar, and it contains 2% or less of sea salt, salt, soy sauce, hydrolyzed corn protein, yeast extract, flavors, maltodextrin, cultured celery extract, beef stock, pineapple powder, citric acid. Not to mention, theirs has soy and wheat, making it less friendly to those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

The health benefits of biltong

Biltong is a great alternative for those looking to take care of their physical health without sacrificing taste. According to the Mayo Clinic, sodium nitrates commonly found in processed meats may damage blood vessels, which causes arteries to harden and narrow, leading to heart disease.

Since biltong is 100% natural with few ingredients, no additives, no nitrates, or monosodium glutamate (MSG), you can snack away without worry. Plus, if you have dietary restrictions, know that biltong is also gluten-free, keto-friendy and paleo-friendly.

Try Summit Biltong

Whether you’re into canoeing, camping, hiking, or casual walks around the neighborhood, add Summit Biltong to your next venture for the ultimate adventure.

Our biltong comes in three unique and all-natural flavors: Spicy Chili, Garlic and Herb, or Original. Right now, try a variety pack of all three flavors, and our Original in sticks and slices (a total of four bags) for just $20 with free shipping when you enter code TRIAL2 at checkout.

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