Summit Biltong Makes A Great School Day Snack

October 4, 2022

Summit Biltong Makes A Great School Day Snack

Mornings are hectic. Between starting a pot of coffee, getting breakfast on the table and making sure the kids have their backpacks ready in time for the bus, it can feel like you don’t have time to do it all before you head to the office. Something is bound to fall through the cracks.

Having a quick and easy snack to throw in your child’s backpack when you know they have practice after school or a long day of exams can take some guesswork out of your mornings and keep your child’s hunger at bay all day.

Consider these three reasons why Summit Biltong should become a staple in your pantry and their backpacks.

Biltong Is Energizing

Do your kids complain about feeling tired halfway through the school day? Have you noticed their grades slipping in their post-lunch classes? If your kid needs to refuel before their after-school extracurriculars or last class, having a snack like our biltong (over a candy bar or chips) can go a long way in keeping energy levels up.

Summit Biltong contains zero grams of sugar, so your child won’t feel sluggish or bloated after a few bites. Plus, our biltong contains zero carbs, so no worrying about them eating too many carbs or the wrong types of carbs!

Biltong Is Allergy and Diet-Friendly

If your child has dietary restrictions or food allergies, you know the school vending machines and cafeteria are not the safest spots for them to get a meal or a snack.

Summit Biltong is keto and paleo-friendly and it contains no nitrates or preservatives, making it an all-natural snack. And for kids with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, you can rest knowing it’s also gluten-free!

It’s Convenient And Mess Free

As a parent, you’ve probably had your fair share of cleaning moldy food out of your child’s backpack or lunch bag. Who of us hasn’t found an apple in a lunchbox that’s less apple and more questionable mush?

Our bags of biltong are resealable, so you can throw a bag in their backpack, and they can snack between classes or practice without making a mess for you to clean up.

Plus, biltong has a long shelf life, so any leftovers can be reused throughout the school week or repurposed into a healthy recipe for the family… if they don’t eat the whole bag in one day!

Try Summit Biltong

Whether your child is into football, volleyball, track, or a mathlete, add Summit Biltong to their backpack to keep them fueled all day. Our biltong comes in three unique and all-natural flavors: Spicy Chili, Garlic and Herb, or Original. With code TRIAL2, you can try all 4 varieties (including original sticks and slices) and that includes shipping!

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