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Summit Biltong is the ideal, anytime snack made of simple, all natural ingredients, and a much healthier alternative to jerky.

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Much Healthier than Jerky

Sugar-free and punching with protein, Summit Biltong is the mouthwatering, energy boost your body needs.

This traditional South African delicacy made with simple ingredients is cured and air-dried to perfection, resulting in tender beef slices that are rich in flavor and packed with protein.

How to Enjoy Biltong

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This convenient, no-mess snack is a perfect companion for canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, or any adventure. Packed with nutrition and high in protein, Biltong is ready whenever and wherever you need an extra boost of energy.

The savory flavors and tenderness of Biltong make it a superb pairing with beer, bourbon or wine, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among foodies for its many culinary possibilities.

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